5 Ideas to re-purpose your wedding flowers!

By request of a commenter from our previous blog,  Here are 5 ideas for increasing the sentimental value of your flowers long after the last glass of champagne has been poured!

1. Botanical photography

An upcoming trend making waves on Instagram and Pinterest is botanical photography. There are professional photographers that specialise in flower photography to capture artistic shots of your bouquet from a studio. From there the options are endless. You can have it printed on canvas, blown up as artwork in your living room simply to be kept as a way to look back at exactly what the flowers looked like and how it made you feel on the day.

2. Turn the flowers into an art piece

If you like to DIY you can dry the flowers yourself, a quick google search will reveal tried-and-tested methods which allows you the option to turn them into long-lasting pieces of art on the walls of your home. Dried flowers can be re-arranged in a 3D display frame and serve as a reminder of your special day. Alternatively, you could have a professional dry and arrange them for you.

3. Hand them out to your guests

Make your wedding flowers a part of your "leaving ritual" by handing them out to your guests as they leave. This is a great way to let your guest help you clear the reception at the end of the night, your MC or event coordinator can notify the guests of what can be taken home like table centres or vase arrangements. Make sure you ask a family member or one of your bridal party to set aside some flowers for yourself!

4. Gift it to a special absent person.

While weddings are all about being surrounded by loved ones, the reality isn't always so simple if you have a special person who couldn't attend. Whether it be due to sickness, location, emergency obligations etc, visiting them the day after the wedding to present them with your bouquet will be a touching gesture and may make up a little for their disappointment at missing your big day.

5. Bouquet dance

Toward the end of the night, your emcee invites all married couples onto the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing, the DJ asks all couples who have been married for five years or less to leave the dance floor. After another few minutes, he asks all those couples married for ten years or less to leave the dance floor, and so on.

Eventually, you are left with the longest married couple that then receives the bouquet. This is in addition to the bouquet toss as all Flower Head packages come with a complimentary throwaway bouquet!

What ideas do you have for recycling other 'single-use' items after your wedding day?


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  • Fav was giving it to someone who couldn’t attend – super thoughtful.


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