Don't touch! Simple tips to keep wedding flowers fresh

Bouquets of flowers for the bride and bridesmaids are a traditional emblem for weddings that symbolise love and new life.

The bouquet pairs perfectly with your dress, gives you something to hold on to when you’re nervously walking down the aisle and will light up your Instagram feed and the official photos with gorgeous colours.

But like all beautiful things, even the freshest flowers need care and attention, or they could wilt and discolour before you say ‘I do.’

Keeping your bouquets flowers fresh

Fresh flowers are still alive and need to be treated with due care, just as you would treat any flowers you put in a vase at home.

It’s vital that your florist delivers the flowers safely in a well-packed flower box and that you check the bouquets thoroughly before they go.

Also, make sure the florist includes 'water packs' or 'water bombs' for each of the bouquets so that the flowers have a supply of fresh water. If you don’t have these flower-saving measures, place the bouquets in vases of fresh water.

You can also keep a spray bottle of water handy to spruce them up a bit from time to time. Just make sure you dry the stems off when you are ready to go to make sure you don’t get any water dripping on your dress!

Keep your flowers cool

While you and your bridesmaids get on with hair and makeup and a few glasses of bubbles, put the flowers in a cool room and leave them be.

Fresh flowers can wilt in the sun so keep them in as dark a room as possible. While the room should be cool, keep in mind that air conditioning can dry flowers out, especially tropical flowers.

To keep your wedding flowers fresh as possible, simply turn the AC down in the room they are being stored in and make sure the airstream isn’t blowing directly on the petals.

Never, ever put wedding flowers in a drinks fridge, an esky or something like a bait freezer – yeah, it’s happened. And this can result in soggy, frostbitten bouquets that have gone a beautiful shade of black.

Resist the urge to touch your wedding flowers

The less your wedding flowers are handled the better. Keep them in the box until you need them.

This is because the acid in your fingertips can cause marks on flowers and every time you handle the flowers you risk damage. So when the flowers arrive, by all means, get a few quick photos with them if you like, but then lock them away until the limo comes for the ride to the ceremony.

Keep them away from small children and your tipsy bridesmaids for as long as possible so they shine bright at the right time.

Caring for more than your bouquets

Of course, there are more flowers than the bouquets, including buttonholes and corsages and hair flowers.

These need special care too and the best way to keep these floral arrangements looking as they should is to put them in a cool room just like the bouquets and leave them until they are needed.

If it’s a really hot day, you can place these flowers in a fridge, but make sure you turn the power down to a very low setting and place them low in the cabinet. You don’t want to freeze the flowers or make them soggy.

On the big night

Once the ceremony and the photos are done and dusted it’s time to make your entrance to the reception.

Make sure you have some glass vases ready and waiting to stand your bouquets in fresh water with, we offer these for $15 each, otherwise try to find thick glassware as Kmart vases can be too thin and brittle. This will help keep them fresh all night long while you enjoy yourself.

If you simply lay them down on the table, the bouquets could get bruised and damaged.

So even if you’re celebrating your wedding in the scorching Melbourne sun, with a little bit of planning you can make sure your wedding flowers are as beautiful as your big day will be.

Stay tuned for our next blog where I'll share some great ideas for your flowers after the big day! 

Feel free to leave any suggestions or questions in the comments below! 🌹



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