How much should my wedding flowers cost?

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, we don’t always have the dream, and endless, budget to go along with it! Most brides and grooms face the same question: how much should everything cost?
We receive this question all the time about the wedding floral arrangements, so in this article, we break down how floral arrangements and bouquets are priced, and how to save money on your big day!

The Floral Cost ‘Rule’

When you are quoted for your floral arrangements, the volume is one of the biggest budget factors. Essentially, how many flowers do you want? This number is determined by the number of centrepieces, bouquets, boutonnieres and other arrangements for your venue. The more you are after, and the larger the pieces, the higher your floral budget should be. 

The second biggest cost factor is the type of flowers you want, as each specific type comes with its own price tag; for example, roses are more expensive than Singapore orchids. This is standard across the floral industry, which you will notice when you buy flowers for any occasion. 

Keep an open mind on the type of flowers in your arrangements

If you want to spend less, or get more variety within your floral arrangements, allow the florist more freedom in the floral selection. Not only do they know what will look good together, but they will also be able to use a combination of blooms to achieve the look you desire, using ones that might be a little cheaper to help you save money. 

Greenery is one of the most cost-effective floral alternatives, that still looks beautiful and lush. Discuss adding greenery to your arrangements to help them look full without breaking the budget.
We also offer semi-DIY options where simple venue decorations can be delivered already made for easy installation, saving you the cost of set-up and delivery.

If you receive a quote for flowers that seems lavish, there is no harm in asking why? and whether there are more cost effective alternatives?


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