Rain, Rain, Go Away

Oh, dear sweet couple, you've planned every detail of your special day with precision and grace. But then, the weather forecast shows a 50% chance of rain! What will happen to your gorgeous outdoor ceremony?

Don't fret, my lovely friends. This is a common scenario that many brides and grooms face. The good news is, your venue coordinator or celebrant has a plan in place to handle it with ease and elegance. Most wedding venues have gone through this situation many times before, and have a seamless plan to move the ceremony indoors, if necessary.

As for us florists, we keep an eye on the weather and will check in with you as the day approaches. We always come prepared for both indoor and outdoor options. If the new location don't have the same setup as the original, don't worry! We bring a variety of tools to create something that represents the same or more value with the flowers allocated to the original arrangement. In these situations, we would love to use our creative freedom to surprise you with something even more beautiful.

The final decision will depend on the arrival time, guest arrival time, and how long it will take to make the arrangement. We will confirm with you before the day and if we can't reach you, the final call will be left with the venue coordinator who will be communicating with other suppliers like the celebrant and event hire company.

While it's a bummer to have rain on your special day, this is a situation we face often, especially in the winter months. Let us, your trusted florist, guide and advise you through the process as the day approaches and the forecast becomes known. We promise to make your day beautiful, rain or shine!

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