Top Tips for Your Acacia Ridge Winery Wedding

Weddings are a time of love, joy, and celebration, and choosing the right venue is an important part of the planning process. If you're lucky enough to have your special day at the beautiful Acacia Ridge Winery, then you're in for a treat! Here are three top tips to make the most of your celebration and create lasting memories.

  1. Utilize the Venue's Onsite Arbour: The arbour at Acacia Ridge Winery is the perfect solution for a stunning ceremony backdrop. It can be easily repurposed as a photo booth or bridal table backdrop, making the most of what's already there!

  2. Get Creative with Hanging Arrangements: Did you know the marquee at Acacia Ridge Winery has four hanging points perfect for flower bombs? Add a pop of color and spread your floral theme throughout the space, making for some beautiful dance footage too!

  3. Keep it Simple on the Tables: Long tables can quickly get cluttered, so keep it simple and leave room for the little details that matter. From name cards and bonbonieres to cutlery and glassware, let your guests dine in style without sacrificing function.

In conclusion, the Acacia Ridge Winery is a stunning venue with endless possibilities. By utilizing the venue's onsite arbour, getting creative with hanging arrangements, and keeping it simple on the tables, you'll create a celebration that's memorable, beautiful, and uniquely yours. Happy wedding planning!

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